Electeca Loader that is perfect for carrying goods and products. It's heavy load capacity is ideal for Indian environment. The product is manufractured as per new CMVR guidelines.

  • Strong FRP front
  • Metal load carrier
  • Safe and powerful drum braking assembly
  • Rust free
  • Fire proof
Load Capacity Up to 500 Kg --
Loader Width 995 mm --
Loader Length 2700 mm --
Loader Height 1685 mm --
Maximum Speed 25 Km/Hr * --
Mileage 90 – 100 Km/ full charge* Long range for good earnings
Battery Lead acid rugged battery 12V, 100AH
Motor ( Indian) BLDC 1000/ 1250 W Low maintenance and durable motor
Voltage 48V DC --
Seating capacity Driver plus 4 passenger Good Earnings
Tyres ( Indian) 90/90- 12" --
Front and Rear brake 130 mm dia drum brake Powerful drum braking for safety
Special features Dash board with battery indicator and speedometer India's leading E auto with modern car like dashboard
Starting system Easy to start Light weight + extra mileage
Shock absorbers Front – independent front suspension with compression spring / Rear – leaf spring with shock absorbers Comfortable ride
Lighting system Lighting system with side indicators India's Leading E rickshaw with high quality & approved lighting system
Windshield Laminated Glass windshield with electric wiper motor assembly India's Leading E rickshaw with approved windshield and wiper
Cabin driver cabin plus roof India's only E rickshaw with full cabin comfort
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