Electeca – Odisha

Imagine, you are riding a vehicle where you do not have to cover your mouth because of the toxic smoke which discharges out of the vehicle tank. Rickshaws are the prominent vehicle of India and they are widely used in short and long journeys. In the present age, the vehicle owners and drivers switch to smart vehicles. It means the rickshaws which do not run on fuel, but on a battery. The electric rickshaws are the pressing need of all drivers and passengers. The e rickshaws give you the convenient mode of a drive from one place to another without affecting your health by the harmful gases and smoke of vehicles. If you are planning to switch to e rickshaws, then you should contact us at Electeca as we are the premier battery rickshaw manufacturer in Odisha.

We zero in on customer satisfaction

We take care and pay attention to details of each of our electric rickshaws. From simple to customized electric rickshaws, our technicians are trained in designing and making all types of e rickshaws needed to please our clients. We take up special training programs to train our technicians, so that they can provide you a higher level of service. We being a battery-operated rickshaw manufacturer in Odisha, we ensure that our clients of odisha should get the best quality of e rickshaws from us.

Services at your best

Aside from delivering our eco-friendly e-rickshaws in Odisha, we at Electeca have the delivery service in West Bengal, Assam, Bihar, Chhattisgarh, Karnataka, Jharkhand and Uttar Pradesh. Our service personnel are always ready to be at your service to resolve your doubts. Avail our 24/7 customer care support service for any problems connected to your electric rickshaws. Our staffs are always available to assist you with expert guidance and assistance. We also have the facility of after-sales service for our clients. Book our cost-effective, enviro-friendly and ICAT-approved electric rickshaws to drive safely on the roads of Odisha.