Electeca – KARNATAKA

As far as our team and expertise is concerned, we are also widespread in Karnataka. We are providing pragmatic and eco friendly rickshaws in different cities of Karnataka. Our range of vehicles is customizable and the quality of the batteries is of top notch quality. We are a reliable and popular battery operated rickshaw manufacturer in Karnataka. It is our constant endeavor to provide personal and professional attention to each and every customer.

We believe in creating a greener, safer and pollution-free planet. Karnataka is perhaps one of the most ideal states that have full support for this initiative. Our team works hard and quite technically to supply with more production as per the demand. Almost all types of fuel used cause pollution, but the electric rickshaws that we produce have zero emission, which is in itself a pioneering initiative to create a healthier society. This eco friendly rickshaw has a brighter future in Karnataka. Hence, our motto is to spread this wider all around the state. With high end technology coupled with high grade engineering and combination of different composite materials, it enhances the level of performance and reduces electrical losses, and reduces weight, increases battery life and mileage of e-rickshaws. And we are glad to say that our products have all of these qualities. Hence, our e-rickshaws have quite a strong grip over the vehicle and transport market in Karnataka.

However, like before, e-rickshaws are facing a stiff opposition from traffic managers in the state and city level, but the demand for e-rickshaws has actually gone up higher, and so has our production level. We offer the best battery and that carries a guarantee period. Catering to the common day to day transportation requirements of people, these technologically strong and advanced vehicles are not only reliable and durable but also highly cost effective. We cater to the demands and suggestions of our loyal customers to make the production bigger.