Electronic rickshaws have become one of the most integral and crucial parts of public transport in Jharkhand. These kinds of rickshaws have been gaining popularity in Jharkhand since 2011. Our team at Electeca has found a very firm grip in this state and of late, Jharkhand residents are very much dependent on this ‘green’ and pollution-free vehicle. We take pride in the fact that we are a very reliable electric rickshaw manufacturer in Jharkhand.

Our electric rickshaw brings more sitting space and comes with finest quality materials. Electeca is also providing all the services for proper maintenance and repairing of the e-rickshaws whenever needed. The eco-friendly e-rickshaw that we produce in Jharkhand is quite widespread all over the state. We are offering very unique and innovative designs, not like other manufacturers whose designs are more or less are same as ordinary e-rickshaw models. The e-rickshaws that we manufacture are quite spacious and the people of Jharkhand have full support for this mode of transport because they are quite easily available and comfortable to ride in.

E-rickshaws help in the preservation of the environment. Hence, this being our prime motto, we are trying to cater to the people of Jharkhand with the best of the products. The government of Jharkhand is equally in favour of these electric rickshaws; thus the production by our company has also gone up by leaps and bounds. We are expecting some better opportunities for more production of this kind of vehicle. Our entire team is continuously working on shaping the vehicles better and making them more advanced. We try to provide prompt services and are open to all kinds of suggestions from our customers. We are confidently heading towards becoming the leading electric rickshaw supplier in Jharkhand. Our team is working on the improvement and improvisation of the quality of spare parts and we can vouch for a very positive end result in the near future.