Electeca – Bihar

Electeca is now definitely a big and reliable name as e-rickshaw manufacturer. We are also well spread in Bihar and the state has seen a great leap in electronic rickshaw business in recent years. Eco friendly E rickshaw is now one of the most dependable vehicles or modes of transport in Bihar and we are here to promote this vehicle through our manufactures.

We manufacture these e-rickshaws with superlative quality of products and being a trustworthy electronic rickshaw manufacturer in Bihar, we assure to produce better products in the near future. The electronic rickshaw business has turned out to be incredibly fulfilling and productive in Bihar. We give more emphasis on the quality of products that we use. These eco-friendly battery driven e-rickshaws are hugely popular for their strength and durability. Hence, we are promoting more of these vehicles by ample production. Bihar is one of those states which are supporting the trend of electronic rickshaws because of the profit the people are gaining from them.

The response we are getting from Bihar is indeed very encouraging and that is a major reason for our widespread business of e-rickshaw manufacturing in this state. Since these vehicles run on battery power, the cost to manufacture them is quite reasonable and affordable. And, most importantly, the battery that we use for these rickshaws is of superlative quality. We also provide service for repairing parts of electronic rickshaws whenever needed. Though this business came to a standstill by the government recently, but it has again resumed because of the public demand.

The products that we manufacture are long lasting and they are also easy to maintain. Catering to the common day to day transportation requirements of people in Bihar, our production level has gone notches higher which has turned out to be quite fruitful and we are expecting better results in future.