Electeca – Assam

Who does not like to have rickshaw rides? When the black smoke comes out of the vehicle, you feel like getting off the rickshaw and you do not enjoy the ride anymore. Get into the new mode of rickshaw ride which comes in the form of an electronic rickshaw. In other words, the e-rickshaws are highly preferred by the passengers who commute by rickshaws often. As the name suggests, these vehicles are functioned by batteries. The battery-powered e rickshaws are the preferred vehicles by the riders and drivers. If you are looking for a large scale of electric rickshaws in Assam, then your apt decision would be to get the battery-operated rickshaws from us at Electeca. We are the manufacturers and suppliers of battery rickshaw in Assam on a huge scale.

Have a safe journey with us

Owing to steady built-in technology; our electronic rickshaws are used by many drivers who got switched to e-rickshaws. The products installed in our e rickshaws are original. Hence, the mechanical errors are less likely to arise in our vehicles. Our speciality is that we study new designs for electric rickshaws and we keep upgrading them from time to time. Our technicians take utmost care while making the e rickshaws, keeping the CMVR rules in mind. Our vehicles get checked during and after the process of manufacture before they get launched in the market. Buy our electric rickshaws in Assam to make your passengers' journey comfortable.

Avail various spare parts

To meet the requirements of our clients, we at Electeca have a special team who are highly eligible in designing customized electric rickshaws. They will design your e rickshaws as you want. One of the benefits you can avail from us is that you can get a wide collection of spare parts for your eco-friendly e rickshaw. We have high-grade spare parts for tyres, motors and chargers. Whenever you are in need of the spare parts for e rickshaws, you can contact us immediately. We are there for your service 24 hours.