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Welcome to Electeca

Electeca is the brand under which KSLCleantech has launched Electric vehicles across India. KSL is a pioneer in Renewable and electric vehicle industry, having an experience of more than 10 years. In our EV division, the company further plans to create a strong distribution network across the county to provide hassle free experience for its customers. Electeca has a vision of being the largest manufacturing facility of electric vehicles in India under the “Make In India” scheme which shall provide the best quality products and also generate thousands of employment opportunities. We welcome all our Customers, Partners and Vendor to be apart of our Electeca Family !!

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Why Us

State-of-Art manufacturing Facilities. Dedicated R&D Department for constant improvement and upgrading the models.Experienced team for Design, Engineering and Manufacturing.

Electeca specializes in manufacturing the highest quality battery operated vehicles. We have a varied products ranging from Two Wheelers, Three Wheelers also catering to Commercial Vehicle Segment. All the products are ICAT approved. At Electeca, the dedicated staffs of R&D department give their best efforts to upgrade the models. To give you the latest designs, they study the market thoroughly and make the required improvements.

PAN India Team

Our experienced and skilled workers make sure that the designed electric vehicles and electric rickshaws are sold and serviced to our customers.

Our Network

Find our outlets and service centers in different states of India ' West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh, Assam, Odisha, Bihar, Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh & Karnataka

Our Locations

  • Odisha

    Odisha transport sector is heading for a major change-over with focus on new age, eco-friendly, smart and energy saving Electric Vehicles. Over the last decade, the number of Electric Vehicle in Odisha has increased almost three fold. The state has observed a swift increase in Three-wheelers at an alarming rate of 13 per cent per annum. E-Rickshaws are sought after as primary mode of transport by the people

  • Chhattishgarh

    The state of Chhattisgarh is emerging as a “Power Hub” in the country. Electric Vehicles in Chhattisgarh have opened ample business opportunities The Electric Vehicle Industry has grown around 12 to 15 per cent per year during the last decade. Chhattisgarh is one of those states which have shown great concerns and support for electric […]

  • Madhya Pradesh
    Madhya Pradesh

    Madhya Pradesh is the second largest state of the country. “Electric Auto-Rickshaws” are a critical part of the public transport infrastructure in Madhya Pradesh. They provide last mile connectivity. 2020-21 shall be announced as the ‘Year of the Electric Mobility’ in Madhya Pradesh. We offer the best battery and that carries a guarantee period. Catering […]

  • Tripura

    When people of other parts in India are drifting towards smart technologies, why electric vehicles will fall behind in Northeastern India ? The smart vehicle such as electric rickshaw is welcomed with open arms by the people of Tripura. Considering the excessive pollution in air which results out of the toxic chemicals emit from rickshaws, […]

  • Uttar Pradesh
    Uttar Pradesh

    Since Uttar Pradesh is country’s largest consumer base, the Electric Vehicle market is set to born in the state. Uttar Pradesh has highest number of MSME units with strong foothold in Automobile Industry. The E-Rickshaw market is already booming in the state.

  • Jharkhand

    With the development of EV industry, Jharkhand has begun its transition towards a reduced carbon footprint and a more sustainable and greener future. EV technology is considered a game-changer in Jharkhand as it offers advantages such as cheaper cost, lower maintenance expenses and increased safety

  • Bihar

    Bihar is amongst one of the fastest growing markets for Electric Vehicles. In Bihar E-Rickshaw have been growing at around 22 per cent per annum. Due to lower acquisition cost, lower operating cost, eco- friendliness etc, Electric Vehicles has become popular in the state.

  • West Bengal
    West Bengal

    West Bengal is among the few leading states in the country framing Electric Vehicles and charging stations related policies. Electric Vehicles are taking over West Bengal in big numbers sooner than expected which augurs well for economy and Pollution control.

  • Assam

    Electric Vehicle market in Assam is expanding. EVs have emerged as a transportation mode free from local emissions. Guwahati is one of the upcoming smart cities. In future, a large number of EVs will ply on the roads of all the growing smart cities of Assam. EV is a great opportunity for the industry, academia and the regulatory authorities to collaborate for a sustainable future.


Rajkumar Dutta
Bankura Dealer

The quality of the metal, comfort of seat, quality of the electrical equipments are very good Service support is very good from the company end. Company send technician when ever it was required.

Ravi Kumar Gupta
Purnea Dealer

Company vehicles are very good. Service and Sales also very good. Erickshaw and spare parts are delivered on a timely basis. Customers are satisfied 100% to electeca erickshaws

Ajay Mondal
Basirhat Dealer

Our oldest and sweetest dealer says "Company always has stock, great service and products"

Rajesh Singhania
Patna, Bihar

Company vehicles quality is very good. Company's support to Marketing and making dealer is very helpful. They have an all time after sales person for Bihar.

Mr Biswas
Siliguri, West Bengal

Very good quality product with a huge product varient. Our Customers are Happy with no problem E-rickshaw. Good Millage, Comfortable with minimum complaint.Buying Electeca is very worthful. I know HUAIHAI is the largest company in terms of EV manufacturer and it is very satisfying for being a Sale Partner of it.

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